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Energy Hero

Automatic energy supplier change service

Many customers would rather accept higher energy costs than have to fight their way through the jungle of tariffs every year. Energy Hero offers a digital service that takes over this unpleasant task and always automatically switches to the cheapest energy provider. We supported the company with our technical expertise in parallel to the product development.

Energy Hero


Clarity with comlpex price structure

87% of Austrians have never switched their electricity and gas provider. We should change that for Energy Hero and develop a digital product to make switching energy providers as easy as possible.


Simply switch

We already accompanied Energy Hero in the start-up phase and were able to contribute our expertise in parallel to the product development. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of the technical implementation, we designed software that ensures a smooth process of automatic switching.

The digital solution for Energy Hero makes switching energy suppliers as easy as possible - fully digitized and automated. The system always switches the customer's supply contract to the most favorable energy provider at the time. And it does so every year - completely automatically.

Requirements and output
  • A product page for B2B and B2C was developed to inform customers about the switching service and to handle the registration process. The focus here was on the user journey and a quick conversion to the registration process.
  • The automatic switch is done by a specially designed software.
  • For a comprehensive overview of the customer data and to be able to manage the interactions and the accounts of the customers, the CRM system Salesforce was implemented.


Satisfied Energy Heros

In the first 3 months only, 2,100 new customers have already been won for the digital service, and the switch has generated savings of more than one million euros for all customers.

1 million euro
1 million euro
Savings for all clients
2,100 new customers
2,100 new customers
during the first three months