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Predictive Maintenance in Salesforce

Automation in the maintenance and service area

DUMAG is a specialist in the construction of industrial incinerators for liquid, gaseous and pulverized fuels. We supported the company in making the maintenance process more efficient and reducing machine downtime.

Predictive Maintenance in Salesforce


Preventive maintenance

DUMAG supplies incinerators to customers worldwide and regularly faces the challenge in ongoing maintenance that spare parts must be available on site as quickly as possible and that maintenance can be done out as trouble-free as possible.


Automation in the maintenance and service area

Permanent monitoring and evaluation of machine and process data proactively predicts future maintenance requirements. This prevents malfunctions and makes maintenance processes more efficient. Real-time analysis is used to determine the condition of running machines and equipment. In combination with other information, the aim is to predict when is the best time to perform maintenance. Ideally, the necessary spare part is delivered and the maintenance technician is already on site before a malfunction occurs.


Industry 4.0: Predictive maintenance fixes problems before they arise

The incinerators have a chip integrated for measurement and Sales Cloud monitors the activities of the installed parts so that a data-based evaluation can be made.

  •     Programming of an interface between the chip software and Sales Cloud.
  •     Configuration of an automation process to
  •     Automated reports and dashboards in real time
  •     of spare and wear parts