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Commerce Cloud at a glance

Unique online shopping experiences at every touchpoint.
Commerce Cloud at a glance
  • Centralized content management for fast store launch
  • Faster publishing of online stores (storefront templates)
  • AI-supported SEO optimizations and personalization
  • Extensive analytics (buyer behavior, etc.)

Benefits and potential of Commerce Cloud

Intelligent e-commerce solution from Salesforce.

E-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C
  • With Salesforce, you can create your online store for B2B and B2C and use AI to optimize your conversion rate. Create personalized product recommendations and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Create unique customer experiences and get a 360-degree view of all order transactions and customer data.


Smooth order processing
  • Ensure seamless integration of order processing in your online store system.
  • Optimize your processes through professional order management and offer your customers simple processes - from ordering, payment and supplier management to returns management.
Marketing and sales promotion
  • Create innovative campaigns, promotions, and A/B tests based on consumer behavior to increase reach and sales.
  • Publish content centrally and create engaging online stores for multiple brands, geographies, and websites that are also mobile optimized.
Artificial intelligence
  • Increase revenue by interpreting your customers' buying behavior with Einstein Commerce Insights, an AI-powered shopping cart analytics dashboard.
  • Deliver a personalized shopping experience to every customer with customized product recommendations.
Benefits and potential of Commerce Cloud

BLINKER as a Salesforce partner

BLINKER as a Salesforce partner

Your benefits with BLINKER as your implementation partner:

  • Qualified consultants from the areas of sales, marketing and service

  • Experienced Salesforce Cloud specialists

  • Inhouse Development

  • Experienced programming teams from all interface areas in-house

  • Central contact persons and on-site sprint teams

  • Agile working methods

We are always delighted to talk about your challenges. Please contact us for a non-binding consultation appointment.

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